Mising Agom Kebang (MAK)

The Mising Agom Kebang (MAK) is a non-governmental organisation . It was established on 18th April 1972 at Disangmukh in the District of Sivasagar, Assam, India. The Headquarter is located at Karichuk,Dhemaji, Assam.

Mission of Mising Agom Kebang (MAK)

The main aim of the Mising Agom Kebang (MAK) is to preserve and develop the Mising Language and Literature.

History of Mising Agom Kebang (MAK)

on April 18 , 1972 after deliberations , to set up Mising Agom Kebang (MAK) a resolution was passed where Tabu Ram Taid was selectedas its First President and Nahendra Padun as its First secretary. Both of them are considered as the main pioneer of Mising Agom Kebang (MAK). The present president is Mg. Gubindo Taid.

In 1985, Mising Agom Kebang (MAK) took up with Government of Assam for the introduction of Mising Language which previously adopt the Roman system and the government of Assam agreed to do so.

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