Mising oi: nitom or Love Songs

Music gives people a way to express who they are inside through many different forms. Same way Oi: nitom is a traditional music song of Mising Community which mainly represents the Love. Oi Nitom can be characterized as songs of love or Love song.

Origin of Mising oi: nitom

Oi: nitom is a one of the Folk Songs of Mising community. So it is difficult to trace the origin of any Folk Songs. Folk songs are created by process of oral transmission ,learnig by ear and re-fashioning them by community through generation to generation. The Mising people have several forms of folk songs such as Abang, Kabang, Birig, Lupo. However, the form of Oi Nitom has gained exceptional prominence and attention compared to other forms of Mising folk music. Oi: nitom are in some ways similar or resemblance to Assamese Bihu.

Oi: nitom and its impact on society

We the Mising community express our Love, emotions and affection through oi:nitom. Its a song of love ,youths express their feeling ,desire to talk, moods and emotions etc.

Oi:ya bolop bidne Oooo

A-sidena tolop o:ngod sa-du-bone

Ma-nyib ka-nam me=nam oinom

kinsulasin ma-du-bone

( In the river where water is flowing down, But The fish is on top of the rise. Even after knowing still searching for The love that I dreamed of)

Not only oi: nitom resemblance love , its also sung for happiness and gratitude. Oi:nitoms are sung collectively in feast ,in festivals, in fields. Oi: nitom has a powerful impact in the unity and harmony of our Mising community.

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